The group is an industrial company specializing in the design and manufacture of transmission and distribution equipment for electrical networks, public lighting and telecommunications. Created over 60 years ago, the group is now made up of 50 subsidiaries in 25 countries and employs 2,500 people worldwide.

For many years now, the Group has been supporting social and humanitarian actions in both medical research and as aid to disadvantaged countries. For Sicame, social work contributes to strengthening the will to be part of a dynamic of solidarity movement and is part of a responsible approach to the common good.

The Sicame Endowment Fund was set up to centralize all of the group's social projects within a single institution. Our work and values


Governance of the endowment fund is handled by a board of directors composed of members from the founding company and experts in the various areas of funding.

Like any solidarity initiative, funding is provided by the Sicame Group and through public donations.

The Group is committed to social development both at the local and international levels, through its various branches around the world.