Our support to "L'école de la vie de Madagascar"

Our project is about :

  • The Organization of the competition of mixed rugby for the young people of "Grand Tana". This competition will take place at the beginning of December. 2000 young people should participate.
  • The creation of a "Community center" A central and accessible site for the young people of the districts of Antananarivo.

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Our support to the French Handisport Federation

As part of a performance pact with the French Handisport Federation, we are supporting two high-level athletes who should taking part in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

We have chosen Valentin Bertrand, 21, hemiplegic category T37 athletics champion, and Yannick Ifebe, 25 years old, wheelchair fencing champion.

We are committed to providing them with moral and financial assistance.

We will follow their training and preparations for the games and for all national and European competitions up to 2020.

You will find this year’s news about them on out social networks, where you can support them as well.

Who are they?

Valentin Bertrand

  • Residing in Bordeaux, studying  
  •  21 years-old 
  • Training: ES Baccalaureate, STAPS (Science & Technology Applied to Sports) L3 at LYON University 1, training option (in two yearsto reconcile Olympic training and study, PG 2020 and PG 2024)
  • Sports Level: athletics
  • High-level athlete (category T37, Hemiplegia), Member of the Pôle France Jeunes Handisport Athlétisme
  • Bronze Medal, European Championship (long jump, French record-holder)
  • Finalist at the Rio PG (long jump and 400m)

Yannick IFEBE

  • Residing in Paris, studying in Paris  
  • 25 years-old 
  • Training: Getting a M1 in Public Law and M2 in Public Policy Development (Public Law). Admitted to Sciences Po Paris to do a Master 1 General Public Administration in France.
  • Sports Level: Wheelchair Fencing 
  • Senior high level athlete for 3 years, senior list
  • March 2017 World Cup, silver (Epée), bronze (Saber), September 2016; PG Rio, Gold in team Epée, 4th in individual Epée, May 2016 European Championship gold in individual Epée, silver in team Epée

Electriciens sans Frontières

The Group supports "Electriciens sans Frontières".
This initiative, created over 20 years ago, aims to facilitate access to electricity in developing countries. It contributes to local initiatives targeting the poorest populations.
"Electriciens sans Frontières" is an NGO and can be mobilized on an ongoing basis for emergency humanitarian missions.



Medical Search

Sicame has been supporting the "Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale" for over 20 years, this is an organisation conducting scientific research into the treatment of severe diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases, neglected diseases, etc. Each year, the FRM supports, on average, projects involving over 750 researchers and research teams (www.frm.org).

The fund receives regular financial support from the Group which, in 2014, amounted to 30,000 Euros.

medical search