Memories of rugby activities sponsored by the SICAME Endowment Fund in Madagascar last month



As the end of the year looms, training and competitions follow each other for our two athletes. Since September, Valentin has started intense training, a physical preparation where, despite the suffering, we have to remain motivated and positive. And justly Valentin has the support of training groups that allow him to progress and always stay at the level.

Yannick successfully continues his competition cycle with a participation in the Fencing World Cup in Georgia which took place from 8 to 11 November. He was ranked 3rd by team of the competition.

Yannick and Valentin are receiving more and more support from Group employees. You too can encourage them by "liking" SICAME Group's tweets and Linkedin publications and by supporting the endowment fund.

Yannick et Valentin

The French champion Yannick IFEBE was received last Wednesday at CATU as part of the European Week of Disability. A good moment of exchange and sharing with employees on the theme of surpassing oneself.


Yannick IFEBE, a sportsman supported by our endowment fund, participates in his first international competition of the year. The Villemomble tournament which took place between 13 and 14 October 2018.

This tournament gathers between 150 and 170 disabled and valid shooters, including 42 participants in the men's épée category. Yannick IFEBE wins a trophy, which augurs a good season for our athlete.

Congratulations Yannick!


The month of June was charged for Valentin Bertrand : three competitions in three weeks.

The first competition, which took place on June 09, was the interclubs (competition between clubs). During this event, the athlete realized a good 100m and a 400m "very average" according to him.

One week later, from 14 to 15 June, the Paris meeting was taking place. A competition under the sign of victory since Valentin broke his record in the 400m (55 "61s), a great achievement that we congratulate!

This month of competition ended with the French Championships, from 23 to 24 June. An opportunity to improve even more, and put into practice what he worked during training.

June 2018 was therefore very animated for Valentin, who came out happy thanks to the positive results and that gives him the motivation to persevere and to train, while waiting for the selection for the European championships, which will take place on July 09, 2018.  

Photo by © Florent Pervillé

Presence of the SICAME Endowment Fund in Madagascar

On December 2, in Madagascar (Antananarivo), 2000 children from 10 to 16 years old from disadvantaged neighborhoods of the city, practiced rugby, the most popular sport in this country. This gathering around rugby, organized by "Rugby School, School of Life", a humanitarian association composed of French and Malagasy, which had previously concluded a partnership with the Endowment Fund SICAME.

Pierre LACHAUD, President of the Fund and Pierre VILLEPREUX, former player and coach of the French Rugby team were present at this event.

All these children who play barefoot, shoes and equipment being too expensive, have been provided with jerseys and shorts. Balls were offered to the coaches for each participating team.
The mothers have provided, at noon, on the stadium, the logistics of the meal in large pots made for this purpose.

The aim is to use rugby as a means of education and social integration.

A much greater ambition is emerging: that of building a reception structure capable of providing educational and vocational training opportunities for these children. A meeting was held at the French Embassy with the relevant authorities to intervene with the Municipality of Tananarive to obtain the possibility of building a "rugby house", a school that would allow these young rugby players to acquire a surplus of education and help them to enter the workforce in order to become the real actors of their future.
Pierre Villepreux had already had the opportunity to see that rugby is the most popular sport in Madagascar, and that he could practice at a very good level. "Rugby School, School of Life" can participate in this ambition by relying on this dual educational and sports project, a goal that would not fail to support the fund Sicame foundation.

We support two athletes

Valentin Bertrand, age 21, hemiplegic category T37, champion of athletics in 400 meters as Yannick IFEBE, 25, champion of fencing in armchair will carry our colors within the framework of a pact of performance concludes with the Disabled French Federation in September, 2017. These two athletes were awarded a medal already at the European and world level in their disciplines. 

We shall follow regularly their training and their preparation for the games of Tokyo as well as the set of the national and European competitions by 2020. 

Find all them news from this year on our social networks and support.


L'Ecole de la vie de Madagascar

In 1997, Claude DEBAT, André GRANEREAU, François PRADINES and Pierre VILLEPREUX framed the tour in Madagascar of the pupils of the section sport-studies rugby of the high school Jolimont of Toulouse.

In this country, one of the poorest of the World, they discovered the surprising vitality of the rugby of the young Malagasy and decided in their return to create the association " Ecole de la Vie de Madagascar " to help thousands of children devoting to this game.

So " School of the Life of Madagascar " has for object " to make known and support all the projects implemented to the advantage of the children of Madagascar ".

The association of Malagasy right " School of the Rugby, School of the Life " has for object " to favor the social integration of the young people by the practice of the rugby and other sports, religious activities

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We support "Les Amis des Villageois du Sahel"

Missions are:

  • Fight against the poverty
  • Return the hope to the Sahelian farmers so that they can live suitably in their natural environment
  • Help women and men of cities throw activities which will allow them to find a financial autonomy

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By sponsoring the 4L Trophy, the Group is supporting a socially impactive rally. Indeed, the 4L Trophy is a very humanitarian rally. Sub-lieutenants Malaury and Antoine, Gazelle drivers in the 1st RHC and crew of the sponsored 4L, will carry stocks of school supplies, paramedical equipment, and sports equipment to poor populations of the regions they traverse. A taste for adventure

Antoine and Malaury, 27, are two military officers who have obtained a waiver to drive in the race, which is normally only open to students. The 2017 edition will start in Biarritz on 16 February and end in Marrakesh on Sunday 26 February. The race takes place over 6,000 km of Moroccan roads, tracks, dust and sand.

4L Trophy